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If you live in Sonoma County, California, you can benefit from the currently offered H.A.V.E.  workshops and our Veterans Organic Peace Garden in front of the VA Clinic by the Sonoma County Airport.  

See our Workshop tab on the top or side menus and participate. 

They are FREE. 

Come visit our Garden and help us with the planting, maintenance like watering, and the harvest of vegetables, organically grown by folks in the community, Vets and non-Vets helping each other. 

Do only what you can per your ability status. 

We will announce Work Parties on this website - see the Help/ Volunteer  tab. 



About H.A.V.E.

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Helping American Veterans Endure was founded by Marty Koellhoffer and Lee Gooding in 2009.  Marty and Lee were in the Army together in the late 1960’s and they both now receive healthcare from the VA Healthcare System, the best healthcare system in our country! After an emergency stay in the San Francisco VA hospital for one week, Lee became passionate about improving the nutrition patients receive in the VA Healthcare System. Marty drove to California from Florida, in April of 2009, because he liked Lee's idea of bringing organic food and gardening to our veterans. Marty wrote up the entire proposal and named our organization, Helping American Veterans Endure, which got us up and operating. H.A.V.E. was accepted by Agape Foundation to be in their Fiscal Sponsorship Program, as our mission fit their requirments for their 501(C)(3) status, which allows folks to make tax deductible donations to H.A.V.E. .  He also discovered how bad the suicide problem is with our veterans – OVER 6,500 PER YEAR! We owe our existence to Marty! Unfortunately, Marty had to resign, as our Executive Director, at the beginning of 2010, due to his ill health.   Agape Foundation after 40 years of serving the public went bankrupt in March 2010, at which time the Peace Development Fund (P.D.F.) accepted H.A.V.E. in its Fiscal Sponsorship Program.

In March 2011 we developed our first workshop in Creative Writing for Vets with a volunteer instructor.  In July volunteers broke ground to place irrigation pipes for the Veterans Organic Peace Garden in front of the VA Clinic near the Sonoma County Airport, followed by raised beds filled with donated top soil, organic compost and vegetable starts.

We also promote peace and justice for our veterans and all living things on our planet! Through gardening, art, music, humor and the many other subjects we are teaching, we hope to help heal our veterans, our community and bring peace to our world.

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