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If you live in Sonoma County, California, you can benefit from the currently offered H.A.V.E.  workshops and our Veterans Organic Peace Garden in front of the VA Clinic by the Sonoma County Airport.  

See our Workshop tab on the top or side menus and participate. 

They are FREE. 

Come visit our Garden and help us with the planting, maintenance like watering, and the harvest of vegetables, organically grown by folks in the community, Vets and non-Vets helping each other. 

Do only what you can per your ability status. 

We will announce Work Parties on this website - see the Help/ Volunteer  tab. 



Helping American Veterans Endure (H.A.V.E.)

Providing programs that are intended to prevent veteran suicides due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Moral Injury.   H.A.V.E. facilitates workshop programs in Music, Creative Writing, Humor, and Art, and builds and maintains a Veterans Organic Peace Garden that benefit Veterans with learning gardening skills and enjoying the harvest.

It is the goal of H.A.V.E. to dramatically reduce the number of veteran suicides due to PTSD, Moral Injury and depression.  In the year 2011 alone 6,570 veterans committed suicide. 

According to a CNN article, this is probably much too low, if

A homeless person who has no one who can vouch that he or she is a veteran, or others whose families don't want to divulge a suicide because of the stigma associated with mental illness; they may pressure a state coroner to not list the death as suicide.  If a veteran intentionally crashes a car or dies of a drug overdose and leaves no note, that death may not be counted as suicide.

 USA Today reports on January 10, 2014:

Suicides of young vets top those of active-duty troops

Please support our mission with volunteer time, donations and other means for which you are well suited. 

United We Stand.



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